Why 365Panorama?

Some Exclusive Features

Project Management

Create your projects. Add tasks, files, milestones, comments and notes. See gantt chart, switch to Kanban viewing, manage timesheets, expenses and invoices. Within 365Panorama it starts the conception and initiation, planning, execution, performance/monitoring, and project close.

Client Management

Give your clients access to the client portal and communicate about all project details to be completed. Discuss in detail over job progress, milestones done, manage tickets and invoices all in one viewing. Complete your process of overseeing and coordinating business organisation's and interactions with your clients and potential clients.

Team Management

Manage your team attendance and timesheets. Easily manage the leave applications. Assign tasks, send messages, share ideas, send announcements. Use the built-in techniques, methods and activities needed to manage and coordinate a group of individuals to perform particular tasks, all from one view.


Add tasks in jobs and projects, directly assign to your team members. See project progress automatically based on the completed tasks in real time viewing. Plan, manage and track all your team's tasks in one flexible software.

Event Calender

Never miss your meetings and important events. Register all your events and share with your team members. Sync with Google API Calendar. Establish the general framework to which your individual events can be managed with ease.

Manage Field Team

Mobile time tracking lets your hardworking team clock in and out with a tap, recording the timesheet data needed for payroll and job costing with 99.9% accuracy so you know what job was done, who did it, and how long it took to complete. Integrated Google API Mapping give's directions to the job site.


365Panorama makes invoice management easy! Create and raise detailed invoices instantly. Create recurring invoices or Credit notes. Add Retentions withheld, Margins, Variation's. Send online invoices from your mobile or tablet to your clients and get paid faster.

Back Costing

Account for everything, Labour Costs, Material Costs, Disbursement Costs, Subcontractor / and other costs. For your fixed price jobs, you can track section by section (stage by stage) as to your quoted costs vs actual costs so that you can stay on track and ensure you are profitable… in real time!


Get estimate requests from your clients. Observe the requests and send detailed estimate. You or your client can accept or reject or modify. Except final estimate, sign off, then transfer estimate to invoice. Too easy!

Support Tickets

Client can submit support tickets from the client portal in regards to their project. Get email notifications for the tickets and action immediately. Share information back with clients, teams, and other trade business service's.

Manage Expenses

Register your expenses and see daily, monthly/yearly reports and charts right at your finger tips with live on-screen viewing. Compare income and expenses. Manage expenses and make fast and informed decisions with powerful analytics.

Stock and Inventory

Add Items, Import .CSV live inventory lists. Add Suppliers, Add Purchase Orders and payments, Add Warehouse's, Stock transfer's to vehicle's and job sites. Return stock, and much more.

Quality Control

Reduce testing and inspection errors, accelerate close-out time and improve job satisfaction by maintaining transparency between clients and site crews.

Leave Management

Team members can apply for leave like, Annual leave, Sick leave, Maternity leave, Family responsibility leave. Track the leave applications and approve/reject them effortlessly.

Job Timecards

Track the attendance of your team members. Log time by clock in/clock out. Assign supervisors to manage the time cards.

Resource management

Build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and timelines on track, and confidently forecast vital business costs in real time viewing.


Lay out the entire scope of tasks, job schedules and budget forcasts of a project on a platform that enables you to securely share information with your broader team and clients.


Add announcements for your team members and clients for important notices. It will be visible on user's dashboard.

More Features...

I guess by now you're getting the bigger picture!... But wait! ... There's more...

Customisable Modules

Enable/disable modules to fit with your business. Add Zero API and accounting, add MYOB or Quickbooks, add in Zoom meetings or Skype! Manages your client relationships. Your business, your control!

File Manager

Upload file's, video's, house plans, maps, .PDF documents, MS Word or MS Excel files and any other important images and photo's you need. Name folders to job numbers, projects, client details etc, etc. Easily search and find. Share details..

Knowledge Base

Add help articles for your team members and knowledge base articles for your clients. It also involves creating documentation that clients can understand and use to solve their problems or answer their questions. It can reduce your customer's job issue's.

Acconting Integration

Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks Integration. Manage your finances and business, together. Enable your business information to flow seamlessly into your accounting software with 365Panorama's accounting integrations. Keep your financials up to date and maintain accuracy in your business.


Send and receive email's. Organise your in-house email system to stay focused and communicate directly with team members and clients.

Custom Roles

Set different access permission for different team members. User-defined, and allow you to bundle one or more supported permissions to meet your specific client needs.

Activity Logs

Instant viewing of what your team members are doing on what projects and milestones completed. Managers build up an accurate picture of what you do during the day, and how you invest your time.

Integrated Payroll

Track hourly work and Timecards with ease and automatically calculate pay and entitlements for full time employers, contractors, sub-contractors, part time, or casual. Generate Payslips, Hourly rates, Overtime, Payroll summary, Provident funds, Manage Salary's and more.

Kanban Board

Manage your tasks using beautiful Kanban viewing, live drag-n-drop tasks for planning and developments. Orchestrate workflows on any project with a fully collaborative platform.

Gantt Charts

Illustrates complete project scheduling and job time lines. Your project management tool for assisting in the planning and scheduling of projects of all sizes, particularly useful for simplifying your complex projects.

Recurring Invoices

Set recurring invoices using cron job and save time. Setup your recurring billing workflow and automate invoicing logic. Allow your invoices to be sent to your customers automatically, hassle-free. Clone Invoices with similar jobs > edit > save to new. Job done!

Detailed Reports

Transactions, Income reports, Expense reports, Income Vs Expense, Project reports, Task's reports, Account statements, Balance sheets, Activity Reports, Annual Reports. Business workflow intelligence at your viewing 24/7. And many more vital reports!

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