Trade business owners hampered by admin, or lack of!

Tradies need to reduce their admin time… Latest annual report reveals trade businesses are spending on average almost 19 hours per week on admin tasks and lack of good trades business applications to use!
Many tradies reported that they felt on top of their business admin, but new data released suggests that this might not be the case.

The average amount of time spent on business admin is alarmingly high (a massive 18.5 hours per week on average — too much time for busy tradespeople). A likely cause of the high level of admin is the fact that 34 percent of tradies are still using pen and paper to get their admin done.

For trade business owners wanting to grow and ultimately get more control over their business, reducing admin time is a must. If not done efficiently, admin can take up time that could be spent on the tools, landing new jobs, or with friends and family.

Quoting and invoicing were identified as the most time-consuming, difficult administrative tasks for tradespeople, demonstrating the need for greater uptake of digital, cloud-based solutions.

For example, using a job management app to get quotes and invoices out as soon as possible can not only save tradespeople time, it can also boost cash flow by helping them win more work and get paid faster. For this job they need smart AI applications like 365Panorama to run their entire trade business. Check them out

What should trade business owners do in 2022?
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The sooner trade businesses implement digital tools, the sooner they’ll see results.
As well as tidying up admin, job management software can help trade business owners assess which jobs will be the most beneficial and profitable to take on. Get smart, get 365Panorama

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